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Light Up Outamba Kilimi

The Pan Verus Project is hoping to secure LuminAID solar lanterns for the villages within the Outamba Kilimi National Park. LuminAID is offering UK non-profits a special discount on solar lanterns so we must act fast!

We are currently raising money though GoFundMe and have just reached our halfway mark! If we can meet our goal then every village within OKNP will have at least one solar lantern.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 14.42.32.png
Khatikoleya: A village in Outamba North that would love to receive a solar lantern from you!

While one solar lantern may not seem like a lot, it can be used by community members so that they may continue activities requiring light after a day spent much needed at their farms. The Pan Verus Project is returning to OKNP this dry season armed with lots of new education and outreach related gear (thanks to the British Ecological Society!) and being able to gift communities with a light will be very important not only to community relationship building, but will give adults and children alike the chance to learn and read after dark! It sounds like such a simple thing, but being able to continue with certain activities after the sun goes down is actually much more of a privilege than you would think.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 13.57.02.png
The local school in Kotor: The children would benefit from a light to continue practicing their reading in the evenings

These communities have no electricity or running water, no generators, solar panels or hydroelectric power. In each village there is normally a few solar powered flashlights, but that is all. These LuminAID lanterns will surely make a lasting impact on these rural communities.

Click here to bring light to a community in OKNP!

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