Camera Trap Desk-Based Internship Opportunity

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Are you an undergraduate or masters student looking to gain some experience working with camera trap data? The Pan Verus Project has been working on a species assemblage survey in the Outamba Kilimi National Park in Sierra Leone and we are now looking for a desk-based intern (work from anywhere!) to aid us in this project.

07080423 copy.JPG

The work will include:

  • Identifying species on camera trap images and videos
  • Working with a large (but manageable) data set in Excel
  • Helping expand species ranges
  • Being named as an author on any future publications using the set of camera trap images/videos you worked on

Beneficial, but not necessary skills:

  • Basic knowledge of West African wildlife
  • Ability to identify small carnivore species (genets)

This opportunity is unpaid and is aimed at undergraduate students or early masters students looking to gain some experience working with camera trap data sets with the potential for authorship. The hours are flexible, as we will give you a set of images we expect you to complete within an agreed upon time frame of several months.

If you are interested please send a cover letter detailing how this internship fits in with your current academic and future career goals, as well as your CV to panverusproject@gmail.com by November 1, 2019.

Some preference will be given to UK-based applicants due to the project’s (non-Sierra Leonean) base in Oxford, UK, but we are willing to engage with applicants from anywhere with a reliable postal system.

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