We Need to Grow!

We need to GROW! We’re quickly outgrowing our ability to work without a stable space or internet access when outside the park, and we want to be able to accommodate new staff and volunteers so that we can keep fighting the good fight (i.e. expanding the project’s education program run by Zoe Amieli Cooper​, starting new wildlife surveys with Kyle Yurkiw​, and giving park rangers access to increased skills training with Sarah Bell!)

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As much as we love the Outamba Kilimi National Park, it has no internet access, no electricity and no running water, which is fine! But, to grow, we sometimes need access to internet and electricity! We need to apply for grants, work on reports, design new curriculum’s, write scientific papers, and much more, and we need a secure and safe space to do that in.

For £3,000 for ONE YEAR we can have: Office space, a place to sleep in Makeni, internet, electricity, and round-the-clock security. If you think about it, thats only £250 per month to give us the space to grow Grow GROW! With something as simple as a base in the nearest city to the National Park we know that 2020 will be our best year yet!


If you can give, you’re not just giving us a new office, but you’re giving a park ranger access to computer skills classes, new volunteers a place to rest their weary heads after a hard three weeks camping in the bush, a place to work while we build our links with the University of Makeni, and the whole project a hope for a better future!

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