Chloë Chesney

Chloe holds an MSc in Primate Conservation focusing on the human-wildlife interface and ethnoprimatology. During her undergraduate in History and Anthropology she conducted fieldwork relating to wildlife trade, oral histories, rehabilitation and release and the changing importance of folk beliefs and traditions to conservation in Java, Indonesia. She is fascinated by the interdisciplinary nature of… Continue reading Chloë Chesney


We got published!!

Check out two of our researcher’s first publications in the most recent issue of the Canopy Journal, an in-house journal operated by the Primate Conservation Department of Oxford Brookes University. This issue centers around the human-primate interface, a matter that we are incredibly passionate about here at the Pan Verus Project.

Conservation Today

Ethnoprimatology – Why We Love It.

“An understanding of the coevolution of science, society, and environment that shows why these are not really contradictions at all should be the future goal of the anthropology of the environment” (Dove, 2006, 203).

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