We Need to Grow!

We need to GROW! We’re quickly outgrowing our ability to work without a stable space or internet access when outside the park, and we want to be able to accommodate new staff and volunteers so that we can keep fighting the good fight (i.e. expanding the project’s education program run by Zoe Amieli Cooper​, starting new wildlife surveys with Kyle Yurkiw​, and giving park rangers access to increased skills training with Sarah Bell!)

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Visiting the Park

We are so happy you’d like to learn more about visiting Outamba Kilimi National Park. Accommodation there is basic, but the atmosphere is unbeatable. The accommodation is run by the Government of Sierra Leone’s National Protected Areas Authority. Some of the work is done by unpaid national volunteers, so don’t be afraid to tip. Relax in the Little Scarcies River, take a canoe ride down to see Sierra Leone’s common hippopotamus (bigger than pygmy hippos, but not as big as the common hippos found in East Africa!) and go on a hike either up to the top of a scenic lookout point or to the perennial Lake Idrissa (more of a seasonally flooded plain, but a good place to spot wildlife like warthogs, waterbuck or birds!). Visit the new Outamba Kilimi National Park Education Centre and Community Library to learn about the history of the park and wildlife that lives there. Continue reading “Visiting the Park”


Camera Trap Desk-Based Internship Opportunity

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Are you an undergraduate or masters student looking to gain some experience working with camera trap data? The Pan Verus Project has been working on a species assemblage survey in the Outamba Kilimi National Park in Sierra Leone and we are now looking for a desk-based intern (work from anywhere!) to aid us in this project. Continue reading “Camera Trap Desk-Based Internship Opportunity”

Conservation Today

Update: Identifying Species

All 25 cameras purchased with funds provided by the Global Wildlife Conservation’s Primate Action Fund and the Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation are up and capturing images in Outamba Kilimi National Park! Continue reading “Update: Identifying Species”