The Pan Verus Project runs entirely off of grants and donations. Want to help wildlife conservation from the comfort of your own home? Donate today!

We want you to know where your money is going, below are a number of items you can donate that the projects is in need of! As the project grows, our needs will too. Check back for updates.

You can donate one or more of any of the smaller items listed below.

If you or your business would like to donate we gladly welcome all donations, used or new! We are in need of:

  • Small and sturdy point and shoot camera
  • Binoculars
  • Second-hand books (especially about wildlife) to start a collection of materials at the park for locals and researchers to utilize and enjoy, as local communities do not have any access to books or similar materials
  • Mini mobile projector for giving educational presentations in remote locations
  • Portable speakers for giving educational presentations (which involve videos)


General Funds Donation

This allows you to donate to the Pan Verus Project in a more general way. Aside from the items and projects stated below we are constantly working to improve the livelihoods of community members near the Outamba Kilimi National Park through the establishment of education programs, sustainable farming, and access to renewable energy. You can donate below in 100£ increments by simply putting that you would like to ‘purchase’ one or more by using the box below. You can put as high a number as you like and this will simply increase your donation.


Donate a month of communication

Being so isolated in the Outamba Kilimi National Park, having some way to communicate with the outside world that does not involve a 4 1/2 trip into Makeni is vital for safety and for the smooth running of the project. Help researchers by donating a one month subscription of communication through the project's GSP communication device. The Garmin InReach Explorer+ also comes with an S.O.S. feature to ensure safety and quick response in case of an emergency.


Donate to feed a hungry researcher

Food is fuel! The park is far enough away from most major towns that supply runs can’t happen all that often and food has to be brought in from several hours away on the back of a motorbike. Donate to help researchers and field guides stay fed!


Donate money towards research permits

Research permits are a necessary part of conducting research anywhere in the world. This permit signifies that our researchers have permission from the government and the park to be there. They cost about £500 for six months of research per person, but you can donate in smaller increments to help us get there!


Donate a chicken

Chickens are going to be the jumping off point for small-livestock farming in the area. Currently there are lots of skinny jungle chickens running around, but this money is going towards buying Rhode Island red chickens. This type of chicken is much better than the jungle chickens for both meat and egg production



Donate towards our field guides’ salary

Want to give a small donation? Help us hire local Sierra Leoneans! The Pan Verus Project hires local people for a variety of purposes: field guides, translators, etc. We couldn’t do it without them!