Education Centre

In July 2019 the Pan Verus Project, in partnership with the National Protected Areas Authority of Sierra Leone opened the Outamba Kilimi National Park Education Centre and Community Library. This Education Centre and Community Library was funded by the British Ecological Society and supported the Pan Verus Project’s first community outreach and primary school education engagement project, headed up by our Education and Outreach Manager, Zoe.


The Education Centre was opened to provide visitors to the Outamba Kilimi National Park with access to information about the wildlife and the unique history of the park. It features educational posters about key species, the foundation of Outamba Kilimi, and about some of the current research happening at the park. The primate posters feature original art by wildlife artist Jen Muir.


The Education Centre also features a Community Library which will be accessible to the local community to encourage curiosity about the environment and aid in increasing the literacy rate. Prior to this the local communities had limited to no access to written materials, which can make learning to read and practicing reading very difficult.