Kyle Yurkiw

Ky Yurkiw has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from Trent University in Peterborough, Canada. He has experience working with large mammals in the same provincial park he had worked in while in high school where he was trapping, using radio telemetry, and tracking black bears around the park.  He also worked monitoring species at risk in another area of Ontario, mostly involving reptiles. 

He then began working overseas as a Research Site Manager for the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology. This position required Kyle to live out in the montane jungles of Sierra Leone in West Africa for 18 months setting up camera traps to capture chimpanzee tool use in the wild and monitoring their ecosystem. In addition he was tasked with taking samples as part of a larger study looking at the relationship between chimpanzees and their local ecosystems across their range in Africa. 

Kyle is now working with the Pan Verus Project using camera traps and local tracking techniques to determine if there is a resident population of lions in Outamba-Kilimi National Park.