Maria Player

Maria recently completed a BSc Honours in Zoology from the University of Glasgow. Partly growing up in Kenya and spending time in Belize developed a strong awareness of the natural world and conservation. This was only cemented during her degree where the importance of scientific research and how the results from these projects can have far reaching effects were highlighted. Human-wildlife conflict and one-health are topics of great importance within conservation and of which she is particularly interested in. 

DSC_0135Previously, Maria has had a more marine focus, completing a two-month long research expedition in Sri Lanka where she conducted a scuba diving based project studying herbivorous fish. However, during a fieldtrip to Ecuador, she learnt the value of using camera traps for monitoring endangered species whilst working on a project studying mammals in primary and secondary forest. Hoping to return to Africa in the future, develop her current interests and gain new skills, she is very excited to be working as an intern with The Pan Verus Project.