Conservation Today

Threats to Biodiversity

Outamba Kilimi National Park (OKNP) and it’s biodiversity are facing threats from several different factors at this time. When members of the Pan Verus Project first visited OKNP in early 2017 they found many parts of the park were extensively burned, evidence of illegal hunting activities, and were told by park rangers that plants and animals used in traditional medicine were often collected from the park. Continue reading “Threats to Biodiversity”

History of Conservation in Sierra Leone

Outamba Kilimi National Park

Outamba Kilimi National Park is Sierra Leone’s first national park, and is located in the far north of the country along the Guinean border. The national park is comprised of two non-contiguous areas, Outamba (183,100 acres) and Kilimi (90,900 acres). These protected areas lie at an important transition zone in Sierra Leone’s landscape, where the Upper Guinean Rainforest Ecosystem begins to transition into savanna and open woodland. Continue reading “Outamba Kilimi National Park”

History of Conservation in Sierra Leone

Following in Teleki’s Footsteps

The Outamba Kilimi National Park is the brainchild of famed primate conservationist Dr. Geza Teleki. He helped take an area that achieved Game Reserve status, in name only, as hunting still continued throughout the area (and indeed still happens today), and helped it grow towards the National Park is it today.  Continue reading “Following in Teleki’s Footsteps”