Chloë Chesney

Researcher Chloe Chesney and Joseph Taylor with children from the Kamara family in Kotor

Chloe holds an MSc in Primate Conservation focusing on the human-wildlife interface and ethnoprimatology. During her undergraduate in History and Anthropology she conducted fieldwork relating to wildlife trade, oral histories, rehabilitation and release and the changing importance of folk beliefs and traditions to conservation in Java, Indonesia.

She is fascinated by the interdisciplinary nature of research and is an advocate for its importance. Her work with The Pan Verus Project focuses on improving local livelihoods and biodiversity conservation through understanding the interface between local people, conservationists and wildlife.

Chloe primarily uses the social science method of semi-structured interviewing to conduct research. She also utilises other methods such as ethogram based behavioural observations, participant observation, and structured interviewing.

Researcher Chloe Chesney helping pull the Kaba Ferry

Chloe’s current involvement with the Pan Verus Project includes outreach and advocacy work through her contributions to the website and social media pages.

Chloe’s most recent research in Outamba Kilimi National Park investigated local community’s relationships with the national park staff identifying the problems and potential means of conflict mitigation and relationship improvement. This field season Chloe used the concept of tourism as a vector of local livelihood development as a means of improving local people/wildlife/park staff relationships.

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