Zoe Amieli Cooper

Zoe recently finished her MSc with the Primate Conservation masters at Oxford Brookes University, taking the human-primate interface pathway. Her focus in conservation is driven by the ways human development and conservation can work together.

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Whilst completing her undergraduate BSc in Anthropology, also at Oxford Brookes University, Zoe aimed to keep a balance between the biological and social sides, finding both fascinating. During the summer of 2016 she travelled to Madagascar where she spent 2 months researching sleeping site selection in two nocturnal species of lemur. Whilst this confirmed her love of primates, she realised her passion lay more on the human side of conservation.

During her research with the Pan Verus Project Zoe explored local resource use in Outamba Kilimi National Park, using this research to help explore alternative sustainable livelihoods and resources for local people. She also explored local perceptions of the park helping to gain a better understanding of its implementation and effects locally, as well as contributing towards an idea of a community led conservation project in the local area.