Pan Verus Project Aims


While the Pan Verus Project is in it’s infancy, it’s major goal is research based. Until the threats to the park can be identified, species diversity is documented, and root causes that have led to the high demand on the park’s resources are understood, it would be irresponsible to start any active projects. As the Outamba Kilimi area has been so understudied in the past it is difficult to know what level of community involvement will be reasonable to expect and exactly what those communities will need to grow and flourish alongside the national park.

Current research topics being studied by researchers with the Pan Verus Project include:

Community Based Alternative Livelihoods

Once the needs of the community can be identified the Pan Verus Project will begin to explore alternative livelihood opportunities. By creating opportunities for local people to engage in sustainable agriculture and alternative livelihoods, the Pan Verus Project hopes that future food-insecurity and the necessity to hunt to make a living will be off-set.

Current alternative livelihood schemes being investigated:

  • Skills/jobs training
  • Increasing awareness of government-based tourism


Education opportunities for park staff and local communities are a major factor in the Pan Verus Project’s aims. By creating opportunities for the park staff to become more highly trained by working with researchers, the tourism opportunities in the park will benefit as well.

Many people in Sierra Leone have never heard of the Outamba Kilimi National Park. The Pan Verus Project hopes to partner with universities to bring Sierra Leonean students to the park to learn about their country’s wildlife and natural resources.

The Pan Verus Project also aims for complete transparency when it comes to working with local communities. Talks will regularly be held to let the people who live in and around the park know why exactly the project is there, what their research is about, what they have found, and how environmental conservation can benefit them.

Working with the Pan Verus Project

Are you interested in working with the Pan Verus Project? We always welcome researchers from all backgrounds who are interested uncovering the parks biodiversity and in furthering the aims listed above.

Please  email us  if you would like to know more about conducting research in the Outamba Kilimi National Park with the Pan Verus Project.