We Need to Grow!

We need to GROW! We’re quickly outgrowing our ability to work without a stable space or internet access when outside the park, and we want to be able to accommodate new staff and volunteers so that we can keep fighting the good fight (i.e. expanding the project’s education program run by Zoe Amieli Cooper​, starting new wildlife surveys with Kyle Yurkiw​, and giving park rangers access to increased skills training with Sarah Bell!)

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Camera Trap Desk-Based Internship Opportunity

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Are you an undergraduate or masters student looking to gain some experience working with camera trap data? The Pan Verus Project has been working on a species assemblage survey in the Outamba Kilimi National Park in Sierra Leone and we are now looking for a desk-based intern (work from anywhere!) to aid us in this project. Continue reading “Camera Trap Desk-Based Internship Opportunity”


We got published!!

Check out two of our researcher’s first publications in the most recent issue of the Canopy Journal, an in-house journal operated by the Primate Conservation Department of Oxford Brookes University. This issue centers around the human-primate interface, a matter that we are incredibly passionate about here at the Pan Verus Project.

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Independence Day in Freetown

We leave tomorrow for the Outamba Kilimi National Park to begin the first phase of research for the Pan Verus Project, but until then we have been in Freetown. Between applying for permits, visas, and meeting with various people around the city we have had time to spend time with our new Sierra Leonean friend Eric, who has just return to Sierra Leone for the first time in 18 years.  Continue reading “Independence Day in Freetown”